Dear Otakorp, Fuck You!

I was supposed to be in Baltimore this past weekend to cover Otakon. After the jump, find out why we’re not.

Normally, I write a lot of angry shit as Cybertron Messiah, and it’s a part of the character. But there are certain times that Cybertron needs to take a seat, and the man behind the persona has to take over.

I am sure that you all noticed how we were creeping into anime and action cartoons in the past year. When John decided to go deep into the anime pool, I suggested doing Otakon, because it was the biggest convention on the east coast. At one point, it was the biggest in the country. So, I would have been an idiot to not take a shot at going. It turns out that I was an idiot for trying.

After two months of dealing with the worst organizing body I have ever dealt with, I got fed up with how I was being treated. So, this is my letter to Otakorp.

Of course, these are my own views and opinions. They don’t reflect anyone else on the site.

To whom it may concern:

I was wondering why no one on either the Otakon, or Otakorp page had a published work email. This debacle sure settles that question.

I am writing to you in regards to the absolutely deplorable time frame that Otakorp has put out for press to apply. On May 25th, about 10 weeks from the convention, I posted on the Otakon Facebook that press registration wasn’t open. The next day, registration was finally opened. That’s high coincidental, but I’ll let that pass. On June 23rd, I posted to the Otakon Twitter, Facebook, and even used your terrible form email page on the Otakon site so I can find out the status of my application, and I got nothing.

On June 27th, I got a curt email from Alyce W., saying they were still in the process of reviewing applications. This is now less than two months out. At this point, I already deduced that this convention is a sham and probably not worth our time. This especially true when we have legit conventions going on that put you to shame. Now, on July 15th, I finally got confirmation for press to Otakon. Why is it that every time I had to pester you on Twitter or Facebook, that’s the only time things moved? I figured there would be a little advancement in streamlining since I last went as a fan.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am not someone who can afford $500 a night for a hotel because you dropped the fucking ball on registering press. I do not expect my boss to put out what would amount to over $1500 on a hotel, either. You want to get coverage for your convention, but how do you expect that when you give less than two months to register? Some of us don’t have fists full of money up our asses so we can get a room in Baltimore, and not have to worry about getting to and from the convention. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Registration went up for fans near the beginning of the year. I know I can’t be the only person to see this.

You have made this such a cluster fuck, that no one from Bubbleblabber will ever step foot into your convention. This convention is only a cunt hair away from being as bad as Dragon Con, only because a convicted pedophile isn’t running the show. You self-centered dumb asses need to understand that the press need to make plans to make sure the correspondents can actually show up to your poor excuse for a city to show up to your poor excuse to a convention. 10 weeks, with very few hotel rooms to begin with, is not nearly enough time to make sure press can actually show up. If any of the real conventions ever did this, there would be a firestorm. But this type or behavior to be expected from a second-rate, fan run convention like this.

As such, my experience with Otakon will be documented, and put up for all the world to see. I will do my best to show everyone how terrible the site, show and organizing body really is.

Walter Witko

As of Friday afternoon, I kept receiving news of how “Linecon” was going. As a convention that has been going on forever, you would think that they would be able to deal with getting all of their pre-registered people ready for this morning. Nope, of course not. As of 10:00 a.m., Otakorp was unable to do their one job of the day, and process their preregistered mass of people waiting in line. The Baltimore Convention Center closed at midnight, and who knows how many people had to venture to their makeshift offsite location. The follies continue for this beleaguered convention, and I am sure this won’t be the last of it, either.

And to this, I bid adieu to Otakon.

Cybertron Messiah

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