NYCC Recap: Titmouse CRUSHES with ‘Tallica’ Short





The room was full, and I would say most of the Bubbleblabber staff was somewhat inebriated to say the least. However, we got to stand on the side of the stage for the Titmouse panel featuring Christy Karacas from Superjail, China IL producer Dave Newberg, Jim Mahfood from Disco Destroyer, and a few others all of whom were more than happy to regale us with what it takes to get in the animation game, crazy Christmas bashes, and of course the KILLER reel they showed off.

For starters, Superjail Season 4 got sneaked and boy does it look great (for further proof, follow show creator Christy Karacas on Twitter, he’s got a whole mess of animatics up there) and from the sounds of it the series could premier as early as April but that’s more of a guess. Then we got to see some of Jim Mahfood’s stellar Disco Destroyer of which you can check out a review for here as aired on Liquid TV. Titmouse also showed off the very good ‘Pinched’ short that we interviewed for last week, and for the most part the audience loved it.

But, the main event? The main event was the animated Metallica short produced by Robert Trujillo (bass player for Metallica) and Titmouse. Holy shit, this thing needs to be seen as it featured all sorts of amazing cameos featuring South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Metalocalypse, and of course the greatest metal band on the planet METALLICA! Seriously, probably the best short or trailer that I have ever seen at a Con. Good thing it’s coming out with the Through the Never home release.


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