New Delta Safety Video Features Slew of YouTube Stars

Delta vid 2

Recently while flying with Delta Airlines, I found myself surprisingly entertained by the in-flight safety video. Sure, it was a bit corny, but some of the subtle and random jokes included throughout the five-minute briefing were pretty damn funny.

Delta now has a new safety video, and to push their message, the company enlisted the help of some past & present YouTube sensations. Of course we at BubbleBlabber dug the cameos by the old “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” animated banana and the Annoying Orange, but there were also appearances by the “Double Rainbow” guy, the “Evolution of Dance” dude, the “Charlie Bit My Finger” kids, and a host of other familiar faces – including several animal ones.

Delta reportedly began making the newer, funnier videos after they worried not enough passengers were paying attention to the safety information. They have since produced about a half-dozen different versions, including one that featured ‘80s pop culture stars like Alf and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Rest assured, Delta: you now have our attention.

Gonzo Green

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