Netflix to be available in Marriott hotels; Portugal and Italy


Netflix will be available in Marriott hotels according to Well, kinda….it’s more like Netflix TV shows will be available in Marriott hotels. At year’s end, the service will be available in 100 Marriott properties, and by 2016 will be available in all 300 properties with the possibility in expansion happening in other Marriott brands such as¬†Fairfield Suites, Renaissance Hotels, and Ritz Carlton.

To me, I don’t know if it’s really worth it. I mean, most hotels if not all, hotels nowadays have WiFi and I can just as easily watch Netflix on my iPad or Chromebook versus watching it in my hotel room on their TV by having to remember my login information. Eff that…

In other news, the Netflix service is now available in Italy and Portugal, off the backs of the recent announcement of the service being available in Spain. Soon enough, Netflix will be Skynet and will cause all of the TVs and iPads to fight back against their human owners.

John Schwarz

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