Nancy Cartwright working on her own animated series


Possibly inspired by the fact that Hank Azaria is now the star of an upcoming animated series on FOX that isn’t The Simpsons, the voice of Bart Simpson aka Nancy Cartwright has noted in a new interview that she is developing an animated series of her own.

The name of the series is called Unassisted Living, and according to an excerpt from

“We’re in development and pitching, but it is fully fleshed out and ready to go,” Cartwright revealed.

“It takes place in a retirement facility and everybody thinks they’re dying and somebody comes in to run the place that is only 22 years old and she gets them all working and contributing.

“It’s kind of crazy because they’re really old and forgetful and feel like they don’t have any life left in them, so she injects life and spirit into these people, and at the same time they bring her their experiences and help her, because she’s young and hasn’t had life experiences yet.”

This sounds like a great idea for a series and I actually think the idea would be great for a Comedy Central or maybe even a TBS audience. Whatever the case, Nancy Cartwright absolutely has the credentials to field an animated series on her own and I hope it gets picked up.

John Schwarz

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