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Billy and the Bitch-Missing Laptop


Think WIlfred. They even do the whole Australian deal! The animation is OK, and with this particular episode it was funny but expected. Kind of reminds me of Life and Times of Tim but yea, no its Wilfred.

(6.0 out of 10)

 My Anime Girlfriend-Episode 2

This series is kind of dated, but I’m JUST discovering it yesterday and I couldn’t stop laughing. The show follows a guy named Sid whom dates a girl. Sounds simple enough, right? Welp, this girl is straight from an anime series of some kind and boy does she bring the bug guns, I mean, swords! Yea its live action but the idea is so cool and so Roger Rabbit  that I found it awesome. The only reason why I;m not giving this series a perfect score is because they haven’t made a new episode in a while. FUCK TOONAMI, GIVE ME THIS SHIT!!

(9.0 out of 10)

New Eden-Pilot


New Eden follows two astronauts who have crash landed on a totally out of the way planet inhabited by monsters. The animation is probably some of the best I’ve seen in a web series especially with the 3D layer effects. Our heroes, Murray and Hamilton are your typical friends that you would see from ANY buddy comedy film ever made, in other words  you get one guy who is just trying to get the job done, with the other one either complaining or being the comedic relief. In this case its the former, as Hamilton’s dialogue isn’t terribly funny but Murray’s is. Also, I thought there was a bit TOO much of the ‘red button’ joke as it wasn’t all that funny when the joke was set off, only to keep playing that same string over and over. Having said that, its the pilot so we shall see if the writers/creators can come up with more snappy dialogue as the direction and animation is definitely there.

(8.0 out of 10)

John Blabber

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