High Times Debuts New Animated-Mockumentary Series “USA Weed OK”

What do you think of the series?

I’m not entirely sure of where on the product life cycle weed jokes are right now, but I have a pretty good idea. I do believe we are slowly but surely moving past the days where weed jokes were predominately inspired by Cheech & Chong or Jay & Silent Bob, and I think a lot of that has to do with Seth Rogen’s movies and how popular they have become. Instead of using weed as the punch line, I think Seth Rogen’s movies are kinda like weed brownies in that you are in principle watching a movie that has been baked in the oven with weed as an ingredient. Unlike say the days of having a movie entitled Half Baked featuring characters like “Sir-Smoke A Lot”, weed is such a fabric of everyday life for millennials like myself that those type of late 90’s punch lines just don’t work anymore. Other than Pineapple Express which is clearly an ode to those movies of yesteryear, a lot of his more current work like Neighbors, Sausage Party, 50/50, and others are a bit more contemporary in the presentation of weed, even more so than all those terrible shows on Viceland.

This new series from High Times magazine is somewhere RIGHT in the middle of being not too cliche but still seasoned with cliche. It’s called USA Weed OK, and it’s an animated mockumentary series that is streaming right now on the High Times Youtube channel and I’d really like to get your comments on it below to see what you think of the show. The Youtube comments are kind of interesting as well as you would think a very good publication like High Times would know it’s target audience better than anyone..but do they when it comes to animated content?

Check out the first episode of USA Weed OK that you can watch below:

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