Former “Bob’s Burgers” / “The Cleveland Show” Producer Heading To CBS

What does this mean for the future of animation on CBS?

Former VH1 head honcho, Susan Levinson has been tapped as the new senior VP of alternative programming at CBS. The last time Susan was a part of a broadcast television network, it was with FOX as a senior VP of Comedy where she oversaw development of such franchises as Bob’s Burgers and The Cleveland Show.

Our Take

Does this mean CBS is jumping back into the cartoon game after a nearly 35-year absence? No, probably not. Alternate programming is typically reality TV or game shows and usually, cartoons are under the comedy umbrella for broadcast networks which is, in fact, the issue with animation on broadcast networks and pretty much the reason why you seldom if ever see animated dramas on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. CW is sort of getting there with stuff like Vixenbut that’s it. With the unsure futures of Son of Zorn and Imaginary Mary also in limbo, it’s doubtful any of the major broadcast networks get any more creative with the format and instead continue to make it all about animated comedies revolving around families.

[h/t: Variety]

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