Five Questions for The Dragons Season Finale

So, after 18 episodes, we culminate with a two-part finale starting tonight. There are some open ended questions that I have, and hopefully, the writers tie them all together for the movie in a couple months. The preview we got for part one  was, “Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the academy after he nearly kills Astrid and he responds by running off; Alvin returns to Berk to make amends. Meanwhile, the Screaming Death returns.” Part two, however, was a lot more ominous: “It is revealed that Alvin trained the Screaming Death to attack Berk and the other islands, forcing Hiccup to join forces with Dagur the Deranged to stop it.” Yikes.

1. Where was the Screaming Death?

The Screaming Death has been a major plot point since the early episodes of the season, but hasn’t been seen since “Appetite for Destruction.” I want more of this beast. I have a feeling Dagger is going to tame it and that’s why it comes back with a vengeance on  Berk.

2. Where would Alvin want to destroy everything he wants to conquer?

Well, Alvin looks like he wants to nuke the islands, but why? This dude has spent the better part of two seasons trying to conquer Berk. He has even tried to team with the unhinged Dagur, and that led to Alvin losing everything. I’m guessing he’s taking the classic villain trope, “well, if I can’t have it, no one can.” I should have seen Alvin and the Screaming Death since the eggs in “Live and Let Fly.”

3. What dragon does Stoic get now?

Last episode, Stoic said goodbye to Thornado, so Thornado can protect the 3 baby Thunderdrums from “Bing! Bang! Boom!” In the books, he gets two dragons, but one of them is flown  by Snotlout. What’s to say that after next week, Stoic doesn’t get the Screaming Death? There is no way that Stoic can’t go without a big, bad dragon.

4. Dagur and Hiccup? Are you serious?

Considering Dagur is obsessed with killing Toothless, either Hiccup needs to do some sweet talking to Dagur, or Dagur gets his head on straight. I don’t see how this can happen, considering the story between the two. Then again, the Screaming Death is a worthy prize.

5. What the hell could Snotlout do to get kicked out of the Academy?

Let’s think about this: Snotlout has coaxed a kid to take his place, committed borderline harassment on Astrid, can barely manage his own dragon, treats Hiccup like an idiot, and can barely accomplish any mission or training he does. Yet, none of that gets him kicked out of the Academy. What could be so blatantly terrible that causes him to go? I’ll buy “He finally attacks Hiccup,” for a dollar.

There you have it. These next two episodes are panning out to be  blockbuster events. Every villain this season comes back in some form, with what seems like a collision course with Berk at stake. Tune in tonight and next Wednesday at 8 pm EST (check your local listings) on Cartoon Network to see the answers to these questions!

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