Exclusive: We ask Judy Greer if ‘Cheryl’ should hook up with ‘Russ Bowman’


Judy Greer is going to have on hell of a 2015. Not only is she the voice of Archer’s ”Cheryl”, but her other FX series Married got picked up for a second season. Add in the fact that she has supporting roles in both Jurassic World and Ant-Man, and you’ve got yourself a busy bee.

Thankfully, she was still cool enough to jump on a conference call and answer a bunch of questions about Archer season 6. Our first question actually imagined a scenario that would see ”Cheryl” replacing Greer’s ”Lina” character in a relationship with Russ Bowman (played by Nat Faxon). Her answer may surprise you:

John Blabber: Do you think “Cheryl” would be a better match for “Russ Bowman” than “Lina” [in FX’s Married]? It seems like “Russ” is a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. Obviously, I think of the shower episode where he’s constantly trying to ask “Lina” to have sex in the shower and she keeps turning him down. I couldn’t help to think that “Cheryl” would jump at that opportunity given the notice.

Judy Greer:  Yes, but “Cheryl” would eat him up and spit him out. I mean, he wouldn’t stand a chance with her. First of all “Russ” is like a dude who needs to be taken care of. “Cheryl” doesn’t have patience for “Russ’s” brand of man.

So, while, I think, there could be some kind of awesome like night of hot crazy sex that “Russ” dreams of, I think overall he would come whining back to “Lina” with his tail between his legs.

I then asked Judy about the prospects of doing more Archer Live! dates and what her experience has been in setting those up:

Judy Greer: Well, I was only able to do one unfortunately. I had one of the best nights ever doing it. If they ever ask me to do it again I will in a heartbeat. It’s so fun. The audience is so great. I don’t know. Like, Lucky [Yates] and Amber Nash have really sort of taken over the show and turned it into this really cool interactive audience participation kind of show. If I was a fan of a show and there was something like that came to town I would just die. It seemed so fun and everyone was so cool. Our fans are really cools fans, too. They’re not freaks, weirdoes, even though you think that they would be because our show is so freaky and weird. They’re all really supportive and really want to laugh. Doing a show, live show, any kind of live show for people who are dying to laugh is just the best, you know. I think it was a really cool idea. It was really fun the way they sort of turned it into like we’re going sit here on stage and read you live one of the episodes, it becomes this cool like interactive thing.

When we did it in Austin, Texas, we had someone signing two people doing sign language on the side which we were like, wait, what? Then we started seeing like a ton of dirty words just to see what those words were in sign language and it turned into a whole different show where we were like, “How do you do this word in sign language?” And the poor people doing the signing were like, “Oh my gosh.” We were making them say the dirtiest of the dirty words. Those poor guys. There was a young guy and he was just laughing. But then there was a woman who was like, “I don’t want to sign this.”

Archer is all-new Thursday Night @ 10 pm ET/PT, check your local listings.

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