Exclusive: We ask H. Jon Benjamin about his favorite season finales ahead of Archer Season Six Finale


Jon Benjamin’s a rather busy guy. He just wrapped a Bob’s Burgers Live! tour, and tonight, the six season finale for FX’s Archer will commence and as a result Jon was nice enough to take part in a conference call in which he answered a couple of questions for us. For starters….

On what is Jon Benjamin’s favorite television season finale:

 Oh, from any TV show? From any TV show? I sometimes I like to say St. Elsewhere just because it’s so— but I didn’t really like it. But I think I ironically started to like it and then I talked about—and I use  I use it as a reference all the time.

If I’m in any situation where I’m talking about a TV finale, that the whole thing was a— as I remember it, a, St. Elsewhere was a hospital building in a snow globe. And the whole thing was a dream of a boy with mental disabilities. I just thought that was pretty good. So I have to say, I’m dating myself, St. Elsewhere. But let’s face it, we’re all going to die.

And on what is Jon Benjamin’s favorite Archer season finale:

Oh, wow. I liked the Sealab one. But I think probably my favorite would have been “Archer Vice”, where it wrapped up that whole season arc. I thought that was really smart, and I didn’t know what was coming until I read the script. That was cool to figure out why the whole thing was a sideways plot by Malory; which makes total sense considering her character. So I liked that a lot, so I’ll say that one.

Archer’s sixth season premiers tonight @ 10 pm ET/PT on FX Networks, check your local listings.

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