Exclusive: Lucky Yates and Amber Nash talk ‘Archer’ spin-offs

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Recently, Amber Nash (Pam) and Lucky Yates (Krieger) from Archer took part in a conference call in support of the hit animated series’ sixth season on FX which airs Thursday Nights @ 10 pm. And since the show is such a hit, we thought we’d ask the duo to wonder if these different spin-offs of Archer could work and what they would entail.

For example, here is Amber Nash’s pitch for episode one of The Pam Chronicles:

Now I feel like maybe the way that it would start is that “Pam” has some kind of an emotional breakdown and if she were to leave the Archer crew she would to go like whole up like in Wisconsin like on the farm far away from everybody, and then come out of her little cabin that she’d been living in. I would like to think she’d have a full beard, but she probably doesn’t. 

I have to get my life back together, and then she decides to start a private investigation company.

And Lucky Yates’ live-action puppet spin-off of Archer:

Boy. Man that’s a tough one. Yes, but man you’d lose a lot of the wow factor and trade it in for a lot of cheese and corniness, because especially I mean every season the animation just gets better and better, and this past season, this current season that’s running, is just mind blowing, right, the avalanche and just car chases, the whole San Francisco car chase inspired by Bullitt. All of it is just so gorgeous that with puppetry in order to pull that kind of shit off it’s just going to have to be dopey right. You’re never going to make it look as badass, so you’re going to have to make it look as dumb as possible in order to make it delightful for the audience.

So I think ultimately no. I think it would change the tone of the show too much, which is not to say that a spy puppet show wouldn’t be great.

I think for Archer. I think because it’s so awesomely action heavy and he’s such a badass it’s going to be tough to show what a complete bad ass “Sterling Archer” is in puppet form, because it will just come out looking dopey. You know it’s going to be goofy more than cool.

Archer is all-new this Thursday Night @ 10 pm ET/PT, only on FX. Check your local listings.

Interview conducted by Cybertron, article written by John Blabber

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