Exclusive: LiveCast Interview with Miles Luna of Red vs Blue!

On Friday, March 27th @ 3 pm ET we will be live casting an AMA with Red vs Blue writer/producer Miles Luna! Got questions about Red vs Blue or RxBy? Here’s how you can get them answered:

1) Comment below


2) Use the chat box. You will be asked to verify your email address, and then you should be golden.

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  • igavvedit

    Will you continue writing for RvB after RvB13 and if so, have you already started on the storyline?
    Which of the new characters (from the Chorus trilogy) is your favorite to write and why?
    We’ve heard that eps 1 of the new season is gonna be killer. Do you think you’re going to kill your fans with this episode or do you think that we’ll survive.
    Looking back, is there anything in the past two seasons that you would like to change?
    Has past you ever screwed over future you in terms of plot for RvB?
    How much of this season is your writing and how much is Burnie’s?
    What was the biggest roadblock in writing this season or even the past seasons?
    You mentioned wanting to focus on Grif sometime ago. Will we see this happening this season?

  • bfett9

    Do Burnie or Matt ever overrule you on story plots?

    Will we ever get Origin Stories mini series for people outside of church? (I WILL SETTLE FOR A CABOOSE ONE ONLY!, maybe it can explain why he got dumber!)

    What do you think is the hardest part of writing in general?

    Thanks have a great day!

  • igavvedit

    How is the writing/production for RWBY3 going? Can we expect a release date or even an episode by RTX?
    How much worldbuilding have you guys done so far?
    What was it like, working with Monty? (please don’t answer this question if you don’t want to)
    This might sound like picking between children, but which is more fun to write for, RvB or RWBY?
    Which RWBY character is easiest to write and which is the hardest?
    Will episodes get shorter or longer this season?
    Have you and Kerry ever conflicted on how you viewed and wanted to write a character?