English Dub Review: Dragonball Super “Let’s Keep Going Lord Beerus! The Battle of the Gods!”

The battle never stops!

Spoilers Below

The episode begins revealing in a subtle way that as a side-effect of the “Super Saiyan God Ritual” from episode 9, the Saiyans who gave their Ki/Energy to Goku are tired which is why they’re unable to fly and rely on Bulma’s airship to watch the battle with Vegeta being the only one who’s staying on the cruise ship but is able to witness the battle from afar.

At first, the Goku Vs Beerus battle seems evenly matched. There were even a few comedic moments where they resorted to Three Stooges-like antics such as Goku biting Beerus’ tail and Beerus getting his revenge by picking Goku’s nose.

Goku begins to sense that Beerus is holding back. But Beerus is quite impressed that Goku’s lasted this long, So he decides to unleash a fraction of his power and gives Goku another beatdown which results in having Goku crash land on a nearby island.

Beerus, of course, isn’t done punishing Goku as the fight eventually leads up in the cold reaches of space. Beerus threatens to blow up Earth and charges up an energy ball that he kicks into the Earth’s direction but Goku easily intercepts it with a beam of his own. Beerus decides to take it a step further with a few more energy death balls which leads to Goku to perform his Kamehameha wave to destroy them all. However, this leaves Goku exhausted in the process.

Beerus is left unimpressed and says that Goku isn’t the Super Saiyan God that he foresaw in his dreams. He then gives Goku a firey gut-punch which causes him to crash down back to Earth in the sea. During this time, Goku starts to contemplate that he’s never experienced someone this strong before.

In-between their battle, we sometimes cut to what Bulma and the others are up to in their airship. DB Super makes a smart move by primarily focusing on at least a handful of characters which helped make the duration of this episode feel a lot more focused and kept the filler to a tasteful minimum.

Eventually, Goku overcomes his near-death experience and unlocks the Super Saiyan God powers that conveniently heal his stomach wound and in overly dramatic fashion, Goku flies back up into space again with a renewed vigor for combat. The episode ends in cliffhanger fashion when Goku & Beerus promise to not hold anything back.

Our take.

This episode was another decent addition of the slightly altered “Battle of the Gods” retelling. I do like how the fight is longer than the animated film this arc is based on and it was more to the point. Unless you’ve already seen “Battle of the Gods” there’s arguably not really any point in seeing what happens next unless you are hunting for differences between what’s been altered and untouched.


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