Today we have a review write up for the Season 15 DVD of South Park and you can check it out after the jump but remember that South Park is currently in its 16th season on Comedy Central and you can catch an all-new episode tonight @10pm EST(Check your local listings).

I can distinctly remember when I was first handed a TV-recorded VHS tape, inconspicuously labeled, and told its contents happened to contain the funniest show ever. It was the fall of 1997, I was just beginning fifth grade, and I had no reason to question Mike D, my best friend of five years at the time. The only other thing I was told about the show was that it needed to be viewed away from the supervisory eyes of our parents. And of course this only made it more enticing. I’ll admit, as we sat in that dark basement, the glow of the television reflecting off our faces, I didn’t quite know what to make of the crude cutout-animation, foul language, and violence against children. But dammit if Mike wasn’t onto something! Thirteen years later, Trey Parker and Matt Stone rolled out the 15th season of their brainchild, South Park. Though things have changed and the world is a different place, and although Mike D and I have drifted apart and lost touch (I heard he later watched a videotape that killed him after seven days), Comedy Central’s prized program is still just as funny as it was in my youth maybe even more so, because like a good wine, South Park has only gotten better with age. Plus I actually understand the jokes now!

Anyway, enough reminiscing…let’s kick this shit off!

The first episode of the season, “Human CentiPad,” has everything a good South Park show needs: lots of uncensored f-bombs, loads of poo humor, and caricatures of currently-popular celebrities like Dr. Phil and the late Steve Jobs (prior to his passing). It also features an eerily-accurate parody of The Human Centipede (I know because I unfortunately saw it) and one of my favorite sounds of the show: Cartman crying (twice!). But the thing that really makes this episode great, is its ability to unite the viewers by referencing something almost all of us routinely do – clicking ‘agree’ on our iTunes legal contract thingy. The ability to correctly and consistently have its fingers on the pulse of the world is the thing that makes South Park so special. If everyone can relate, everyone can enjoy.

The second episode, “Funnybot,” stands out for one main reason. Well, two if you count the constant jabs at Tyler Perry. But mostly it’s for the namesake robot’s random – and usually crude – punchlines, consisting of general joke templates with offensive words and pop cultural references inserted into the gaps. Think of them like sick, twisted Mad Libs. For instance: “I WOULDN’T LET [Adam Sandler] SUCK MY [saggy tits] FOR [one million] DOLLARS WORTH OF [Oprah’s tampons]” or “DON’T YOU HATE HOW [Mexicans] ALWAYS COMPLAIN ABOUT [turtles] IN THEIR [vaginas]?” or “WHAT IS UP WITH [Sandra Bullock]? I WOULDN’T EAT HER [dick] WITH [Stevie Wonder’s vagina]”. These hodge-podge lines – being delivered in the monotone, robotic voice of a

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