DVD Prize Review: Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise


Right off the bat, I’m very disappointed by the fact that we aren’t getting a Blu-Ray release for Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise. Someone at Warner should not only know, but have it tattooed on someone’s forehead, that Robot Chicken consistently puts out probably the best home releases on the market today, so NOT having a Hi-Def version of this release is somewhat a disservice.

And it’s sad, too because this release was absolutely oft-kilter in terms of special features. Granted, none of the behind-the-scenes stuff is nearly as ambitious as the original DC Comics Special, but they are still very good. For starters you get a making of the special, however we really don’t get to DIG like we did in the last special. Not a lot of pre-production footage, but still enough to keep you engaged in the doc. WE DO get to take a look at how some of the songs were written with my personal favorite ‘Sexxy Lexxy’ as sang by the brilliant Alfred Molina. The talk of which sketches were cut was ok, but potentially the best special feature on this whole deal is ’20 Questions’.

In ’20 Questions’ you get to watch the producers of Robot Chicken embarrass themselves in DC Comics trivia, though to be fair aside from the Batman and Superman questions, I was kinda lost as well. Granted I wasn’t nearly as lost as Hugh Davidson, though he is producing Mike Tyson Mysteries, so it’s possible Mike Tyson punched Hugh in the head RIGHT before he was getting ready to produce the bit. Geoff Johns cleans everyone’s clock.

To complete the cornucopia of special features, fans will get to hear commentaries from both the actors and writers, plus a slew of cut sketches and animatics are all over the place. The Chicken Nuggets continue to be delicious, and Robot Chicken continues to dazzle on home releases.


Ok everyone, start putting in your comments and we will randomly select one person to receive Robot Chicken: DC Comics ”Villains in Paradise” as a special prize!

John Schwarz

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