Disney And Viacom Get Into Squabbles With Cable Nets

That’s a lot of TV up in the air.

Altice Networks and Disney JUST agreed to a deal to keep networks like ESPN, Disney, ABC, and others available on the Optimum internet services and now it looks like we’re gonna get another close call with Viacom and Charter Networks.

For those who subscribe to Charter Networks (about 16.5 million of you), note, you could soon lose networks like Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and a slew of others if a deal will not be met. Already, Charter had escalated the Viacom nets to their high-end services packages and really want nothing to do with Viacom nets as part of their skinny bundle packages whereas Viacom claims that they’ve offered a fair package deal despite Charter’s low-balling.

We’ll update this story as news comes in, but if you’re any of those Charter networks, you may want to look into alternatives if you want to keep networks like Nickelodeon on your dial.

Tomorrow night, Nickelodeon has brand-new premieres starting at 7 pm ET with spooky episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and The Loud House. 

[h/t: Variety]

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