Details emerge for Cleveland Brown’s Return to Family Guy!




We reported a while back how Seth MacFarlane confirmed the return of Cleveland Brown to Family Guy and it looks like Entertainment Weekly was able to get a bit more clout on what to expect for Mr. Brown’s return.

For starters, yes, all of the Brown-Tubbs family from The Cleveland Show will be moving WITH Cleveland back to Spooner Street and the name of the episode that he is coming back for is called ‘He’s Bla-ack’, but his return won’t be all ‘Welcome Home’ because not only do Peter, Joe, and Quagmire continually break the fourth-wall about The Cleveland Show being cancelled, but it looks as though Donna and Lois aren’t exactly the best of friends with BOTH wives basically playing the ‘It’s either him or me’ violin.

That’s not all, apparently there are a bunch of episodes with Cleveland and his family at the epi-center which of course is a tactic that South Park has employed a bunch this season in that they aren’t afraid to have episodes without its star cast at the center-fold because the brand-itself leads to a wealth of characters that can go on their own. Family Guy now gets that power and it may need it now more than ever to sustain because with American Dad getting canned on FOX, Cleveland moving back, and with Dads probably getting cancelled, Fuzzy Door has to show they are still the creme of the crop when it comes to prime-time cartoons.

Exec-producer Steve Callaghan had more to say about Cleveland’s future on Family Guy in a quote for EW:

“It is suggested to him by Peter that he become a therapist because he’s a good listener and good at mediating conflict,” Callaghan says “The consequence is that he ends up wreaking havoc on Peter’s personal life by doing so.” While the scenarios may be new, look for Cleveland to resume his former place in the foursome. “I think the role will basically be what it was before he left.”

FOX’s biggest animated series in terms of ad dollars has a real chance to take home the crown as the top-brass in terms of quality entertainment even with Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons more or less getting a bunch of the attention as of late.  With the Brown-Tubbs family moving back, it makes for a bunch of exciting story-lines and possibilities like new students at James Woods and the potential rise of Rallo and Stewie as either friends or foe.

That said, Family Guy still has a bunch of new episodes airing WAY before this one airs starting on November 3rd only on FOX! Check your local listings.

John Blabber

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