Could Tom Brady deflate Ted 2’s Box Office?

Ted 2

To me, Tom Brady is the Lebron James of the National Football League. Both players are yearly MVP contenders and are almost in their respective championship games, and quite possibly, both are the most hated players in sports. For me, I can’t stand Lebron James, but I respect the fact that if the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to win the NBA Finals, they are going to do it on Lebron’s back. Sorry, JR Smith, no chance Australian guy that I don’t feel like researching the proper spelling of your name for, it’s all on Lebron James to win the NBA Finals FOR the Cleveland Cavs, no questions asked. As a Boston Celtics fan, I’ve been on both sides of the coin when it has come to dealing with Lebron, both in losing AND winning efforts.

Tom Brady, not so much. I’m a Cowboys fan as you well know, and as such I really have an indifferent opinion about the guy whom will probably be considered the greatest QB of all time. I’m not really an avid Pats watcher, nor a watcher of most AFC football, but I know of Tom Brady well enough to know he really is the best of all-time. It took me years to admit it due to my allegiance to Troy Aikman, but Tom Brady wins championships without the tools that Troy had when he did it three times, and Troy is in the Hall of Fame.

However, one thing could separate Lebron James and Tom Brady, especially the latter as he decides to move on in a post-NFL life. Both players are actually in upcoming Summer films with Lebron flopping his way to a buddy role opposite Bill Hader and Amy Schumer in the romantic comedy opening later this year called Trainwreck. Tom Brady plays a small, albeit important role in Ted 2 which hits theaters June 26th, 2015. Here’s the difference…

Lebron James has no suspension the first four games of next year’s NBA season as a result of scandal. Don’t get me wrong, he should. Christ knows, he’s flopped his way through more Game 7’s than I care to count, but this time around it’s Tom Brady and the impending DeflateGate scandal. Just in case if you are unaware of what I’m talking about, during a Colts v Pats playoff game last year, Colts players began to complain that the footballs used by the Patriots were under-inflated. Game ended, and then the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl we find out that Pats employees went into stadium bathrooms, deflated footballs, and put them in the field of play under Tom Brady’s request. The NFL hired a committee to do a full investigation whereby they discovered that Tom Brady was guilty and as such was suspended the first four games of the 2015-2016 season on top of draft picks and money that was penalized for the New England Patriots.

But could a penalty loom for Ted 2 as well? Notice, Tom Brady hasn’t been showing up in nearly as many trailers or commercials since the DeflateGate scandal hit the fan. But, yea, Tom Brady has a pretty sizable cameo in Ted 2, and although you would have no way of convincing die-hard fan Mark Wahlberg of otherwise, the fact that Tom Brady is in this film COULD spell trouble for box office earnings for a variety of reasons:

1) Some people hate Tom Brady/Pats. Seriously, ever talk to a Giants fan lately? They don’t even hate Cowboys fans anymore, they hate Tom Brady and the Pats.

2) Football fans not of the New England Patriot variety, could be pissed at Tom Brady due to the Deflategate scandal. For example, if you are fan in Seattle, NY, Indy, you name it, you might not have any interest in seeing Tom Brady’s punchable face on screen. For these same reasons, I don’t plan on seeing Trainwreck anytime soon despite the fact that I adore Bill Hader and Amy Schumer.

3) Give me your generic/ casual sports fan that tunes into ESPN every day that may not want to see Tom Brady on a screen due to exhaustion. Seriously, if you are someone that sees Tom Brady on your TV every day since this shit leaked out, are you really going to want to plunk down $30 to take you and a friend just to see him on screen again? This Deflategate scandal is still covered every fucking day, so don’t be surprised if you see people making some last minute change of plans as a result.

That said, it’s going to take a lot more than Tom Brady to completely destroy Ted 2. The film features mega-hit maker Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane has an installed fan base for both him AND Ted, so  the film should do very well. But, don’t be surprised if mum’s the word when it comes to the fact that Tom Brady is in this movie. Too much, can cause Ted 2’s profits to deflate.

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