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John Schwarz (LinkedIn)


John is the Chief Editor and Founder of Bubbleblabber.com. While at first a part-time project, Bubbleblabber quickly grew into a full-fledged operation and officially became a company in 2014. When John isn’t running a business full-time, he likes to go to concerts and also spends time with his dog, Mitsy.


Erich Hau

Erich is a northern California based writer on the front lines of the nerd frontier. When he’s not burning the midnight oil he enjoys musicals, smooth jazz, and a good cup of dark roast. Cream and sugar not included.

David Kaldor

Aimless 20-something given a paid outlet for his thoughts on cartoons. Fears being boring slightly more than being outright disliked.


Graphic designer, writer, and animation addict. when i’m not writing words about my favorite shows, you can usually find me skulking about on Twitter. if you want, leave a comment or send me a tweet; i’d love to chat!

Jesse Bereta

Jesse Bereta is a chef of words. Classically trained in the kitchen, Jesse changed careers in ‘015 to pursue his passion for writing (and being a full-time pop culture nerd). Aside from his work as a freelance writer, Jesse also operates his own website, podcasts, and is a father of two budding sprouts.

David King  (Twitter)

A Self-Styled Punk/Goth/Gamer Otaku with a demented style of humor, who’s also an avid fan of specific video games such as Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Fighting Games and almost anything from SNK. Along with unusual tastes in specific Asian foreign films, Action/Horror comedies, slacker comedies, martial arts films, I am also a frequent contributor to the Fighting Game website Fightersgeneration.com

Noelle Ogawa (Twitter)

A writer, editor, and 4th generation New Yorker. An avid fan of comics and manga, particularly psychological thrillers, or featuring sports. Can’t stay away from the horror genre. Long-time kaiju enthusiast.

Marshall Daley

One part best-friend/philosopher, one part creepy mad scientist. Shaken, and sprinkled with geeky factoids, quirky humor, and a major case of skepticism towards the world and you might just find a cocktail that changes the way you see… Everything!

Teresa C.

Teresa is a freelance writer and marketer based in Jacksonville, FL. She holds a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University and over a decade of communications experience, which she puts to use by captioning photos of her dog, Marcie, on Instagram.

Alias C.

Hardcore bookwork, hopelessly addicted to manga, anime, the fantasy and sci-fi genres and dark philosophical themes. Network Administrator by trade; translator and writer by hobby. His goal in life is to write a web serial novel and travel the world to visit interesting and exotic places.

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