Comics Review: Regular Show #24


Spoilers Below

This month’s issue of Regular Show sees Rigby unleash the magical powers of a video tape that sees alien dinosaurs invade. To try and fix everything, Janet and the park employees head to a time machine where they convince High Fives to go back in time so as to slightly alter Rigby’s plans for the evening thereby undoing everything that has happened.

In Recipe for Disaster, Mordecai gets a cook book from the library that seems to have recipes that turn into magical shit. Thankfully, Skips shows up and tells Mordecai of a quick fix and we learn a valuable lesson…stop reading.

Our Take

Overall, a rather solid issue of Regular Show. I liked the idea of them telling you what happened in prior issues to kick off the story because sometimes you really do forget. The art direction for the dinosaurs were very cool, but the way to end it was rather unoriginal. The second story also had very good art direction, but again I didn’t feel the creativity.



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