Comics Review: Bart Simpson Suckerpunch


Courtesy: Bongo Comics

The latest Simpsons trade collects Bart Simpson #68-72 and Summer Shindig #7. There is nothing in the way of extra features, which seems to be the norm nowadays. Despite this being a Bart-centric collection, he does not take the lead in either of the first two stories. That pattern does not continue, though, so any cognitive dissonance you may experience is only temporary.

With the boy front and center, I am reminded of the early days of the series when Bart was the breakout star on the screen. I think the show was wise to eventually shift focus more to Homer, and Bart Simpson Suckerpunch does not change my mind. Bart is great and all, but I like some variation in a Simpsons binge. So this collection is most satisfying when other characters shine for a moment (especially the “Maggie’s Crib” quickies by Sergio Aragones) or when the illustration styles become a little more adventurous. Or when Milhouse gets some attention – he’s so hilariously pathetic.

If you’re a Simpsons Comics completist, and you always wait for the trades, Suckerpunch is surely worth a buy. But if you already have the individual issues, there is no pressing need to upgrade.


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