Comics Review: Adventure Time Comics #10

Four new tales appear.

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Spoilers Below:

The first story is ‘Winning At Winning’ by Jorge Corona and Jeremy Lawson. Bubblegum is hosting the first ever ‘Heroes of Ooo Ultimate Battle Tournament’, a colosseum style fighting tournament. Finn and Jake are both participating, and defeat their opponents fairly quickly. In the meantime, Bubblegum gets caught up in the bloodlust. Finn and Jake both advance to the finals, where it’s revealed that they have to fight each other. They are hesitant, but the audience starts chanting, demanding for them to fight. Both of them begin to cry, as they charge towards each other. They slowly screech to a stop and then end up in a tickle fight. Bubblegum and the audience are enraged, but the two friends are satisfied with their decision.

Next is “Diamond Monster” by Nicky Son. A giant monster made of diamond is attacking the Candy Kingdom, and Bubblegum’s soldiers are helpless against it. Finn and Jake arrive, but Finn is suffering from exhaustion. They attack the monster, but Finn is too tired to do any significant damage. He yawns, which starts a chain reaction of yawning, including even the monster. Finn slaps himself awake, trying to refresh himself. The monster mimics him, and since the monster is hard enough to harm itself, it cracks and crumbles to pieces.

The third is “Sunday Morning” by K.L. Ricks. Canyon and Finn set out early in the morning to visit an ancestral spring. They spark up small, pleasant conversation. When they arrive at the spring, Canyon takes out her offering: a length of her hair, and a box of donuts. She runs her finger over an old carving that says ‘We made it! G+L’. Finn opens a bag of treats, and they both eat together.

Last up is “Third Eye” by Christine Larsen. Bubblegum is working in her ab, when she gets a visit from Oracle. Oracle says that she used to be the supreme soothsayer in Ooo, but lately, her powers have stopped working. Bubblegum tries to use her scientific knowledge to help her but fails to find what the issue is. Oracle admits that her powers began vanishing when legendary warriors stopped coming to her for divinations. Realizing what the issue is, Bubblegum invites Finn to the castle, under the pretense of a pizza party. As soon as Oracle sees Finn, her third eye opens again, and her powers return. She offers to tell him his destiny, but he declines, not willing to start a self-fulfilling prophecy. She understands, but thanks them for allowing her powers to return. After she leaves, Bubblegum treats Finn and Jake to a pizza party.


The tones of each story are all varied, but they don’t detract from each other. Winning at Winning is energizing, while Sunday Morning is quiet and introspective. Although the stories are only a few pages long, each offers a different perspective on the Adventure Time world. From fun to outlandish to peaceful, this is a lovely collection of stories that’s worth looking at.

  • Score - /10

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