A Day in the Life of the Modern Day Cartoon: A Call to Arms


So, as someone who doesn’t do much at home except go on Facebook, or the occasional Twitter, I see a lot of news bits pass through my computer including a lot of reviews that get posted everywhere. IGN posted their review of the last South Park episode, “Informational Murder Porn,” and I was perplexed. It wasn’t the score, or the overbearing of the writer’s want to have more jokes catered to him. It was what was posted on the Facebook.

New South Park review from @Max_Nicholson as Minecraft was a stepping stone to a story about violence in games and TV”

There is two things wrong with this statement. First, this statement doesn’t do anything but incite readers (mostly gamers or tv fans) into a fervor, and is a cheap ploy to get forum and article hits. This type of thing isn’t anything new from IGN. With new consoles and new games like GTA V, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, a bunch of new shows all coming out, it’s easy to feed the trolls. But they do it all the time. IGN actually manages to troll the trolls, because the fanboys put their bullshit blinders on, and argue with other fanboys with their blinders, and get views. Unfortunately, it’s puppetry at it’s greatest, and no one on their site is none the wiser.

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. IGN has finally stepped on the Fox News bandwagon, and segued into the age old question, “Does violent media make violent people?” Are you fucking kidding me? There has been literally no scientific proof that any violent game makes children violent. This farce of “news reporting” is nothing more than fear mongering and hate speech. IGN is doing nothing to help game sales, or show viewership.

If anything, it’s reach and reporting is doing more harm than good. When people go to get news, they go to one of the leaders. And even though IGN doesn’t have their logo feces on the main theater of New York Comic Con anymore, they’re still one of the industry leaders when it comes to gaming and television coverage.

I guess if news has devolved into just sticking statements together, here is some news reporting with absolutely no facts behind it. IGN has sold their good reviews for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Studios like NBC and CW buy good shows that they already spent money on. Like Vampire Diaries? You can thank web sites like IGN, because their unprofessional business practices give bullshit shows like Vampire Diaries a place on your television.

Good shows that end early, like Playmakers, Tron: Uprising, and Firefly met their demise, because sites like IGN or TV Guide wouldn’t give them a good review. Keep that in mind when your favorite show now is cancelled early.

Here is the solution. With the unprofessionalism that we get from IGN and its ilk,  the more we will keep running it down. Fuck IGN, and their terrible site. Good luck getting a pocket as deep as Fox again.

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