BubbleUK: Viceland gets UK broadcast rights to “Archer”

British Archer fans will be overjoyed to know that Viceland has recently gained the UK broadcast rights to the spy comedy cartoon series and will be airing the first five seasons starting this May. It’s quite the show to bag because it’s gained much popularity over the years but for those not in know, what is Archer? And why should you care that it’s coming overseas?

Archer follows the adventures of a sleazy secret agent named Sterling Archer, who takes advantage of his classy career path to benefit his own selfish desires but the show also features a sideline of charismatic supporting characters that work at Archer’s agency – which is actually run by Archer’s own mother. Archer’s dirty deeds, self-serving attitude and mother complex make it very hard for others to connect with him and this adds a little relationship drama to the laughs.

While our lead character is not the most gentlemanly of heroes, his sociopathic behavior makes for hilarious comedy because he’s always making up wild lies and harebrained schemes to get his way. His ego is so exaggerated that it’s laughably silly and it’s this ridiculous overconfidence that makes him so entertaining.

Watching Archer interact with any other characters is comedy gold, as we have no idea what lengths he’ll go to make himself out to be the good guy. It’s tough to pen likable jerks right but the writers behind Archer cracked the code and achieved the rarely possible, putting Sterling Archer in line with the likes of Daffy Duck and Bender from Futurama.

The other great aspect of Archer is its unique animation style, which blends pop art character designs with realistic backgrounds, a visual aesthetic that lends a stylish quality to the show and not only suits the exciting world of spies but also gives it a unique identity. While most adult cartoons go for wacky or crude designs, Archer instead roots for a more refined appearance that’s both hip and polished.

I’ve only watched a couple episodes but I’m already hooked, I think Archer’s sharp black comedy is more than suitable for the dry tastes of British audiences and my new addiction to the show is evidence. This is a show that many fellow Brits have recommended to me, so there’s obviously already a cult following in the land of the Union Jack.

But the question is, can Archer sit comfortably at home at Viceland UK? This is a fairly young channel, so can this wee baby TV station handle the responsibility of bringing a hit adult animation to us tea sipping scone munchers? Well, I’m quite confident that Archer is right for Viceland their content revels in sex, drugs, and fashion, managing to blend hipster charm with provocative subjects. Viceland has already been screening US favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so why wouldn’t they be able to pull off hosting Archer?

So if you’re a fan of Archer or sound interested in my description of the show and have SKY or NOW TV, then get ready to enter the Danger Zone on May the 1st because Viceland has you all set. I hope you will enjoy this show as much as I currently am.