Bravest Warriors Pick Up In Canada Could Point To Potential Premiere Date Of Season Four

Who knows anymore.

The marketing for Bravest Warriors is so bizarre. The show streams for Cartoon Hangover here in the states which is supposed to be a provider of content geared towards an older crowd, yet Corus Entertainment announces that Teletoon, basically the Canadian equivalent of Cartoon Network, will in fact, be broadcasting the fourth season starting in Fall 2018.

In any event, all 52 episodes of Bravest Warriors Season Four, plus all prior seasons, will be coming to Teletoon as part of the new deal. The deal will also be for digital AND linear content. Note, the Fall 2018 premiere for Canada could mean that a start date for the VRV/Cartoon Hangover version of the series could be around that date, perhaps even earlier.

Bravest Warriors tells the story of four teenage heroes-for-hire in the year 3085, as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions.

I’m sure the next announcement, former Cartoon Hangover web series Superf*ckers will be the next bit to be picked up by Teletoon and broadcast for the pre-schoolers.

John Schwarz

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