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Spoilers Below

Tattoo You

Homer wants to get a tattoo after a Navy sailor shows off his at the mall. That is until he finds out about all the painful steps that are involved and the potential health repercussions that come with getting a tattoo. After Marge gives the OK, Lisa and Homer go to see Dr. Hibbert so that Homer can be subjected to a round of tests to make sure he is healthy enough to withstand a tattoo. Turns out, his heart was always in the right place, mainly because of Lisa.

Anchor Blues

After Kent Brockman gets mugged of his car, his wallet, his pay, and pretty much his man hood, Lisa talks him into avenging his recent run in with the criminal underworld by finding out who the perpetrators are. Ironically enough(for Lisa Simpson anyway) the local library has been acting as a secret hideout for years holding up the loot for Springfield’s top crime syndicates and players. Thankfully, “Super-Kent” springs into action and is able to redeem both himself and his “dignity”

The Radioactive Manques

Radioactive Man’s own fan group the “Radioactive Manques” are taking matters into their own hands when fighting crime causing their hero to worry. Matters get worse when “The Shiverer” takes Radioactive Man out of commission only for the group to show up and defeat one of the city’s most sinister villains. Eventually, to help combat the Manques, a couple of local back alley criminals get together and form their own group “Dr. Crab’s Crew” in homage of the evil Crab-man of whom is currently serving hard-time. The crew actually end up finding the Manques and they put them through a beating so bad the wannabe heroes are to reconsider their roles in a dangerous city. To try and help the Manques forget about their recent loss, Radioactive Man’s alter ego Claude Kane holds a party at his mansion in the budding group’s honor. Of course no one told them that a side of Crab would be served as “Dr. Crab’s Crew” shows up to give the party a piece of its mine. Thankfully, the Manques are able to avenge their recent loss but they come to the conclusion that crime fighting isn’t for them and instead turn their sights into rocking this world!!

Locked In A Brewery

Barney and Homer go on a tour of the Duff Brewery! Eventually, they stray away from the tour and end up in a room getting high off of beer exhaust fumes long enough for the tour to leave for the day locking Barney and Homer inside of the factory. Of course, this is like locking two kids in a candy store, that is until some of Fat Tony’s cronies show up to steal the Duff recipes for their own financial gain! To help, Barney and Homer summon the great Duff-Man to come and help save the day!

I actually really liked this collection of stories as it was very diverse and everything was pretty funny!  I really liked the Kent Brockman and Radioactive Man features as I thought those were a nice change of pace from the usual Simpsons Collection type issues. However, I was kind of disheartened with the fact that there was not ONE Bart Simpson story in the whole issue, but this may just be a personal gripe on my end. Overall, this was definitely a great read and definitely worth the buy. Think about it, no more Simpsons episodes you might as well get it here!

(8.0 out of 10)

John Blabber

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