Lisa’s love of music is put to the test when she takes a job at King Toot’s Music Store. Meanwhile, when Homer discovers that Ned Flanders had a hand in recording his and Marge’s favorite song, he finds it very hard to get in a romantic mood. Can the healing power of music cure the Simpsons’ blues?

Spoilers Below

When Lisa checks into the local music store for a new mouthpiece or her sax, she ends up with a new job as a sales person. Her first customer? Well her loving mom, Marge of course! She ends up buying a record that included a song which brought back romantic memories of her and Homer. Weirdness ensues when Marge brings the record home, only for Homer to discover hat one Ned Flanders provided lead vocals. Because of this every time Homer tries to kiss Marge, he starts to think that he’s kissing his neighbor-ino instead.

Meanwhile, back at her new job, Lisa starts to lose her love of music after a slew of unruly customers make her life a living hell. But, when Marge starts singing the lyrics to the Ned Flanders-song, Lisa is able to rediscover her love of music by writing riffs to her mother’s tune and Homer is able to shake the cobwebs of thinking about Ned, thereby rediscovering HIS love.

The pencils and colors were very good this issue, but the jokes and gags just kept missing. There wasn’t really anything that comical in this issue besides maybe Homer getting mauled by Snowball 2. That’s nothing to take away about the plot or story lines, as those were just fine, I just didn’t think the humor was really in it this month for Simpsons Comics and hope they do a better job next month.

(7.0 out of 10)


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