Bongo Comic Reviews: Bart Simpson # 63 and Treehouse of Horror # 17

As promised after the jump I have reviews for two Bongo Comics releases last week. For the first review we take a look at Bart Simpson #63 where we get a collection of wacky adventures for Springfield’s “Dennis the Menace”and get ready for Halloween because we got three spooky Simpsons stories from Treehouse of Horror #17 ! So, lets do this…

First story up we get “Model Behavior”. When Bart and friends purchase “Radioactive Man Rad Rocket Racer” model kit. Unfortunately, some assembly is required and after a mishap of gorilla glue, Bart, Milhouse, and Martin become bonded at the hip, literally but definitely figuratively. The boys end up looking for help in all the wrong places i.e. Barney then Ralph which of course leads to a humorous conclusion in the hospital.

Next story, “The Invincible Principal” has Bart Simpson and Skinner vying on who can out duel the other in a game of “tag” as whenever Bart attempts to spray paint something silly on the wall, Skinner answers back with his own words of wisdom via his own stash of paint. However, as always Bart gets the last laugh! After the conclusion, Maggie’s Crib “waves” on in!

Lastly, in “Curse of the Moleman”  Bart has to do a report in front of the entire class about the most interesting person in Springfield, after failed attempts in luring the likes of “Comic Book Guy”, Chief Wiggum, and Apu he has to interview Mr. Moleman. Of course he becomes the end result of tardiness on the behalf of Moleman’s guests who were sent to corroborate his story.

Great collection of stories and a recommended buy!




First story of Treehouse of Horror #17 is “Rosferatu”  which is a short about the Simpsons adventure against the mean Mr. Burns. Even if the story isn’t all that great the drawings are out of control good with cells inspired by the old-school silent horror films. Kudos to Art Lyon on colors.

In “Marge of the Dead” the family go up a mountain to cosplay as random “Star Wars” characters, when Marge gets knocked off the mountain and tears her ACL. Back at the hospital, she is told that she needs a new tendon from a donor, so we see Willie dig up a corpse and take one from a dead body. After the transplant, Marge starts to go around town to begin feasting on brains. A rather twist ending brings to end a novel tale.

In the aptly named “Harvest of Fear” Bart goes to a yard sale and purchases an old Horror comic called “Harvest of Fear”  after which he starts to get visions and hallucinations from the story he reads that seem to be merging with ‘real life’ and an ending that basically gives you the finger.



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