BlabberUK: Irish show “Ends Meet” gets series pickup

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Ends Meet is an animated Irish comedy short series from writer Mark Baldwin of Silly Beggar films, it follows the adventures of three generations of an Irish family including little Sean Og, his father, and his grandad. Seven episodes of the show are currently available for streaming on the RTE Player website.

However, the series has had praise for being both snappily funny and weirdly heartwarming by Nicola Byrne of Daily Edge. I can see the potential in such a series, Irish comedy is distinctly unique thanks to dryness of Ireland’s humour and they’ve given us such comedy icons as Father Ted and Dylan Moran. The concept of three generations of family spending time together also hints at something very moving and sentimental behind the humour.

While it does look promising to me though, I’m a little apprehensive after watching cartoons on Mark Baldwin’s Silly Beggar Films youtube channel because none of them managed to make me laugh, their animation looks rather crude and each one is only a minute long. Although, Nicola Byrne of Daily Edge also said that the show is very funny DESPITE it’s short running time, so maybe Baldwin has improved within his format?

A Still from a Silly Beggar Films cartoon

The show has been picked up for a full series that’ll be airing in Autumn, so obviously, it’s been recognized for doing something effective or remarkable because not every cartoon gets picked up lightly. On the one hand, I do like the idea of three generations of an Irish family spending time together while giving us a laugh but on the other hand, Baldwin’s existing work doesn’t exactly scream hilarious or clever.