‘Archer’ Season 7 Plot Teases A-Plenty!


Although FX’s Archer is probably closer to the finale of season 6 than the premiere of season 7, upcoming storylines are nevertheless popping up thanks to executive producer Matt Thompson’s perpetually-open mouth. (Just kidding, Matt.)

The most exciting tease? The return of Woodhouse in what’s being called a pivotal role. As you may recall, Archer’s butler (and former father figure) spent all of season 6 caught in a series of unfortunate predicaments. He was trapped in a basement, he was pinned under a medicine ball, and he struggled with his ongoing heroin addiction, to name a few hurdles. The creative team reportedly had a “big plan” for Woodhouse last year, and it will finally come to fruition next season.

Also, in a separate interview (with The Daily Beast), Thompson said Agent Ray Gillette isn’t dead yet, despite the rough shape in which he was left.

As for new names, Thompson listed a couple he’d like to get on the show at some point. “I know Archer loves Magnum P.I., so I’d love to see [Tom Selleck] do something,” he said. Actors Nick Kroll and Daniel Craig were also named as possibilities in season seven.

However, it’s worth mentioning that no scripts have been written yet, as creator Adam Reed is currently on an extended vacation in the South of France – a yearly traditional after each finale.

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