‘Archer’ makes a cameo on FX’s ‘The Comedians’

I don’t know if you guys have been catching this new FX comedy series which airs Thursday Nights @ 10pm ET/PT, but it’s called The Comedians and it stars Josh Gad (Good Vibes) and Billy Crystal as themselves working to get a television show put together on FX. I think it’s pretty funny, and a great lead-in to Louie, but last week had an interesting cameo.

There’s a scene where Josh and Billy are talking to each other in the break room, and during their conversation you can see an Archer poster on the wall modified to include illustrations of Billy Crystal and Josh Gad as Lana and Sterling Archer respectively and now I want to own it.

You can see it for your self at the 5 second mark of this promo that aired for last week’s episode entitled ”Come to the House”. Here’s hoping that someone at Floyd County productions produces and episode of either The Comedians making these depictions come to life, or an Archer episode with Billy Crystal and Josh Gad taking over. I WOULD WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF THAT!

John Schwarz

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