‘Archer’ is Too Sexy, Parents Television Council Claims

Sexy Archer 2

Matt Thompson, executive producer of FX’s Archer, recently and proudly referred to the show as “cartoon porn,” and the Parents Television Council couldn’t agree more.

In a recent interview, Thompson told The Daily Beast it was “great” that Archer, which just finished its sixth season, “[got] away with the amount of sex we got away with” in a recent episode. “I read a comment online that said, ‘OK, now Archer is basically cartoon porn,’ and I thought, ‘Yeah! It’s cartoon porn! Fuck off! It’s great!'”

“I hope it’s cartoon porn,” he added. “If you can get away with it, do it.”

The PTC took exception to these comments, as well as the fact that consumers are required to pay for the show and its network as part of a bundled cable service. The group hopes the executive producer’s recent comments will bring much-needed attention to their cause.

“[Thompson] is obviously not afraid of any repercussions,” said Melissa Henson, PTC director of grassroots activism and education, in an interview with TheBlaze. “It’s a sad indictment of the current state of the entertainment industry.”

The PTC hopes the U.S. will follow the lead of countries like Canada, and give consumers the opportunity to pay for only the channels they want.

“There is no reason why every American with pay-TV should be forced to support what the creator himself says is pornography,” the council said.

On the other hand, many folks are upset that the so-called “cartoon porn” doesn’t actually involve any visible penetration, according to a poll I made up for this ending. To call it porn is actually false advertising, as, at most, it only contains the occasional scantily-clad character and a bit of nakedness and simulated sex from time to time. And even that nudity shows no nips nor peen nor vag. That’s not even soft-core porn. I’ve seen worse in an Italian singles chat hotline commercial. (Seriously.)

So, like the Parents Television Council, I too am outraged – albeit for a completely opposite reason.

[via The Blaze]

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