You may remember last week we posted the trailer for Shut Up Cartoons’ new animated series Really Freaking Embarrassing being put together by CatDog creator Peter Hannan. The series premiered yesterday and you can check it out here and from the looks of it the series kind of reminds me of The Ricky Gervais Show where someone is telling a story and this is an animated rendition of said story offering up artists’ gross interpretations of really silly stories. In this new interview with Animation Magazine, the creator talks of what he likes best about working on the show:

I love how rough and raw it is. I used to work as an illustrator, cartoonist, art director for magazines and newspapers, and this felt a bit like that…decision-making at hyper-speed. Need a background? How about that storefront? Or that dumpster? Most of the backgrounds are photos I took with my phone. These are true stories, so, except for me and the street kids who repeatedly berate me in the opening sequence, there aren’t recurring characters. So there were a ton of new characters in each episode that needed to be drawn. I drew some by hand, some on my iPad, some on the computer. I like imperfect art. I loved not caring about everything looking perfect and moving smoothly. I tend to like rough drawings better than final ones anyway. In Really Freaking Embarrassing, the roughsare the finals.

Check out the whole episode of Really Freaking Embarrassing below and tell us what you think!!

John Blabber

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