MUSIC REVIEW: PusherJones’ Self-Titled EP


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about PusherJones or how they came about, but what I do know is tight rock and roll when I hear it. And PusherJones’ new self-titled album is Grade A Prime rock and roll! I can’t really put my finger on what this band sounds like, but it feels very familiar. Like that one really great opening act you’ve never heard of, but after the show you go out and YouTube the hell out of them.

Oh, and before I get into the album, I forgot to mention a little bit of a wild card. Rhythm guitar is manned by Dave Warren. He’s worked on some pretty big projects too. Small shows like The Simpsons, Dilbert and Animaniacs! And the band is animated. Like drawn animated, not “jump around like an animal” animated and the show is being shopped as we speak.

The album starts off with “Count Me Out.” You may have heard this song in a little movie called AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Scott Shriner’s (@SGS711) bass line seemed a bit more smooth and groovy than I expected to hear from a group of this caliber. Especially with the amount of chorused “OOOOOOOOHHH’s” that were above it. Then the guitars by not only Warren, but Dave Kushner and the Franky Perez-led vocals kicked in and I knew exactly what I was in for. And that would be a 4:38 of a good time.

The music takes a turn on the fourth track, “Lay Down.” It sounds like a modern day “Lightning Crashes” by Live. Not really a bad thing, that song was HUGE! The storytelling and imagery is amazing. If you close your eyes and just listen the lyrics are able to paint exactly what’s happening on the back of your eyelids. That’s a big part of what is missing in modern rock music and most music in general today: Lack of storytelling. Music doesn’t need to be about how much money you make, the corporations that created you or what day comes after Thursday. If you can write from the soul like this song is written, people will listen and relate. This might just be my favorite song on the EP.

I could tell you about the other songs on the EP, but there’s only five songs on the disc. So go out(and by go out we mean go on iTunes), purchase it and make some choices for yourself!!



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