UPDATE: Silly Rabbits, Of Course Homer & Marge Are Not Breaking Up

Homer & Marge Not Breaking Up

This morning, we opined that the whole ‘Homer and Marge are breaking up!!!1 OMGZZZZZZZ #YOLO’ panic was completely unfounded, yet another fight in the couple’s long history, and nothing to fear in a lighthearted cartoon sitcom where everything always goes back to normal.

Turns out, we were right. (I know, I’m shocked too.) The official Simpsons twitter page posted the photo above to quell the hysteria, along with the caption: “RT and stop the rumors.” They later posted another photo that appears to be a screengrab from the upcoming season 27 premiere, showing a tuxedo-clad Homer bashfully handing an envelope to Marge with the title: “¡Marge y Homero para siempre!” My Spanish skills are a bit rusty (because I took French in high school), but I’m pretty sure that says, “Homer & Marge Forever,” and possibly something about a donkey show.

Later, a pic of Homer & Marge was tweeted with the question: “Can’t imagine one without the other?”

So the rumors can be laid to rest; Homer & Marge will stay together. But you’re a true Simpsons fan, so you probably already knew that.

Gonzo Green

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