10 More Adult Swim shows that deserve ‘Simpsons’ Couch Gags

How great was the Rick and Morty couch gag the other night on The SimpsonsIt was almost less of a couch gag and almost a short cartoon that gives fans a sneak at a series they may not know. Fortunately for them, Rick and Morty season two has a start date for Adult Swim and we can NOT wait until the premier.

That said, other than the aforementioned Rick and Morty and Robot Chickenwhat other Adult Swim shows deserve couch gags on The Simpsons? Welp…we’ve got some ideas:

10) Mr. Pickles

First thing’s first…there is no friggin’ way FOX would put anything Mr. Pickles related on their network. Despite the fact that this is the same network that brought us MADtv, the network simply has been watered down over the years by sponsor requests. That said, a Mr. Pickles-inspired couch gag would be awesome and probably Hellish. Plot twist? Santa’s Little Helper works for Mr. Pickles.

9) Metalocalypse


It’s too bad that this series got canned by Adult Swim, because a Metalocalypse couch gag would’ve been awesome. I can just see it now, Homer and the gang on a couch in a middle of a Dethklok concert. It would be by far the most heavy metal thing FOX has ever done.

8) Moral Orel


We’ve seen a stop-mo produced Simpsons couch gag done by the guys who make Robot Chicken, but a Moral Orel one would be undeniably darker thanks to the brilliant Dino Stamatopoulos. I wonder if FOX, the sister network to the Christian-right’s FOX News, would even allow it, but that hasn’t stopped The Simpsons before.

7) The Boondocks


The most controversial animated series in Adult Swim’s history, I would love to see Huey and Riley bring some sort of anime influence to the fray. Could the boys match the master of pranks, Bart Simpson, in a tick for tack on one-liners?

6) Sealab 2021


An Archer one has to be in the cards, which I suppose would suffice, but one way or another an Adam Reed-produced series is showing up as a couch gag if it’s the last thing I see. In a perfect world, the original Captain Murphy going toe-to-toe with Homer, but I’ll take anything.

5) The Oblongs


Look, I just want to see Will Ferrell go head to head with Homer Simpson in some capacity. A show that was truly ahead of its time, The Oblongs would make a great companion to The Simpsons because both shows deal with social issues usually dictated by wealth.

4) China IL


I think Baby Cakes would be hysterical opposite The Simpsons, and Titmouse would be the best studio in the world to combine the two worlds. The Dean would go crazy, Steve would try to fuck Marge, and Frank would be messing with Bart in some capacity.

3) Superjail


Not only should there be a couch gag, but I would love to see a Christy Karacas-produced Simpsons intro. Everything from the chalk board to the couch gag and everything in between, because it would be the most frenetically produced bit that you will ever see. No one can do more in under a minute with animation better than Karacas…and this would prove that.

2) Venture Bros.


In terms of cast of characters, it’s difficult to find animated shows that have the size of the cast that The Simpsons does, and as a result the principal voice cast voices more than a few characters for the series. This is a method that isn’t practiced nearly as much as it should be, but The Venture Bros. do. It would be by far the most expensive couch gag in the history of couch gags, but the number of characters on screen would set records and that would be worth it alone.

1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Arguably, Homer Simpson is to FOX as Mickey Mouse is to Disney as Master Shake is to Adult Swim. It’s these strong parallels that make a couch gag with Aqua Teen the most wanted. Aqua Teen has been around forever and will end later this year, and I can’t think of a better way to go out.

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