Watch This Fan-Made Recreation Of BoJack Horseman’s “Free Churro”

Dad, what’s wrong with you?

As sister series, Tuca & Bertie begins to find it’s foothold into international stardom, lest we forget that BoJack Horseman has done a lot of heavy lifting in the form of being Netflix’s first adult animated series that helped build bridges into international stardom that future Netflix series can now follow. Case in point, this fan-made video that recreates the BoJack Horseman episode “Free Churro” from the show’s fifth season that sees BoJack giving a eulogy at a funeral.

One of the more interesting aspects of the video is just HOW international of a reach this show has received reception from. Russia, UK, and 200 fans helped put together this video and you can watch it below. Read our review of the show’s fifth season here.


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