W2W2nite 5/5/19: FOX ; Disney XD; Adult Swim

Lazor Wulf says goodbye, Will Forte gets to lend his vocal talents to a REAL animated sitcom, and Disney XD comes in with a special premiere.

Courtesy: FOX

The Simpsons “Woo-Hoo Dunnit “

Premieres Tonight @ 8 pm ET/PT, check your local listings

When Lisa’s college fund goes missing, the documentary crime series “Deadline Springfield” goes in-depth to solve the case.

Courtesy: FOX

Bob’s Burgers “P.T.A. It Ain’t So “

Premieres Tonight @ 830 pm ET/PT, check your local listings

Linda attempts to become more involved with the P.T.A.; Bob tries to cheer up a hardware store owner after unknowingly making a joke about his pet parrot that recently flew away.


Family Guy “Girl, Internetted”
(9:00–9:30 P.M. EST)

When Meg suddenly becomes internet famous, she and an excited Peter work together to build her following; Brian and Stewie revel in a new ride while Brian’s car gets repaired.


Courtesy: Disney XD

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break Out

“Black Vortex”

Part One:

The Guardians become separated in the Black Vortex and Gamora wakes up in a children’s fairy tale, while Drax is trapped in a comic book.

Part Two:

While caught in a CG sinister packing factory, Rocket must search for his best friend, Groot, and escape.

Courtesy: Adult Swim

Lazor Wulf“They Ain’t Know; It Is What It Is”

Premieres Tonight @ Midnight ET

The adventures of a wolf that carries a laser on its back.


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