W2W2nite 3/23/19: Adult Swim ; Syfy

Looks like you’re gonna be in here for a long time.

Courtesy: Funimation

11:00 p.m. – Dragon Ball Super“Be Ruthless, Gohan! The Showdown With Universe 10!!”

Angered by the loss of their teammate but in no position to fight, the remaining warriors from Universe 2 retreat and regroup; Gohan and Piccolo face off against the last two fighters from Universe 10.

11:30 p.m. – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations “Bonds Come In All Shapes “

Determined to rescue Sakura, Sarada pursues Shin with Sasuke, Naruto and Cho-Cho; after brutal battles with Shin’s clones along the way, Sarada observes the bond of trust between Sasuke and Sakura, who haven’t seen each other in years.

Courtesy: Adult Swim

Sword Art Online: Alicization “Project Alicization”

Premieres Tonight @ 1230 am ET/PT, check your local listings

Inside the research laboratory Rath, Asuna and Rinko learn the truth about Kazuto’s condition and the nature of Project Alicization.


Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Megalo Box “Born to Die”
Premieres Tonight @ 100 am ET/PT, check your local listings

Joe and Yuri reunite in the ring for the final match of Megalonia, where neither one uses any gear.


1:30 a.m. – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable “Highway Go Go, Part 1”

Rohan catches onto Josuke’s attempt to cheat him at cee-lo, but when he can’t prove it, he cuts off his own pinky and declares that he’ll take Josuke’s pinky too if he can figure out Josuke’s trick.

Courtesy: Syfy

Alien News Desk “Simultaneous Vortex Exit”

Premieres Tonight @ 11 pm ET/PT, check your local listings

Drexx joins the gig economy; Tuva fights robot appropriation; Stonehenge kicks ass.

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