Your Oscars counter-programming.

Courtesy: Disney XD

Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest

Premieres Tonight @ 9 pm ET/PT, check your local listings.

“Atlantis Attacks”

All of Black Panther’s efforts to protect Wakanda are thrown into jeopardy by a new foe.

“House of M:

The past actions of Black Panther and the Avengers come back to haunt them.

Courtesy: Disney XD

Star Wars Resistance “The Disappeared”

Premieres Tonight on Disney Channel @ 10 pm ET

Kaz and Torra investigate the disappearance of a friend.


Hot Streets

Premieres Tonight @ Midnight ET

“Creamy Zeus”

Hot Streets gets a new boss; French finds himself stranded on an island full of Hot Streets clones.

“The Moon Masters”

Branski enters a space race to win back the Earth’s moon.

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