Viacom wants to remove Comedy Central, MTV, and Nick from Cablevision



The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Viacom is getting ready to defend itself from an anti-trust lawsuit brought on by Cablevision which could lead to the media conglomerate pulling all of its television networks from the cable network.

In short, Cablevision is alleging that Viacom more or less forced the cable provider in not only carrying premium networks such as Comedy Central, Spike TV, MTV, and Nick, but making sure to bundle lesser known networks like Palladia, MTV Hits and VH1 Classic. The endgame for Cablevision is to JUST keep the premium networks while Viacom wants to maybe take negotiations back to the table to ensure that all of its networks are carried on Cablevision.

I personally would love to see some sort of ala carte offering. Hell, I’ll take Comedy Central and maybe VH1 Classic over anything else Viacom has, that’s for sure!

Are you a Cablevision customer? Sound off below on what you think of these developments.

John Schwarz

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