“Turbo Fantasy” Reboot And “Highly Gifted” Season Two Announced For Premiere


Updates on two digital series.

Highly Gifted Season Two is officially streaming now on Snapchat.

The Shadowmachine/Maker Studios series comes from The Lehrer Boys and is a semi-autobiographical show based on the Lehrer brothers’ years of being shunted to highly-gifted programs, where they existed in a precarious intellectual bubble within the larger school — an exotic and forbidden world, where people went on dates, attended sporting events, partied, and engaged in other exotic and mysterious rites and ceremonies.

Nat Faxon (Married) voices Schnazi, an amoral social Darwinist. Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) voices the nerdy Dave, and comedian/YouTube star Jamie Curry will voice Jody, the magnet program’s most popular girl.  Also added to the cast is Drake Bell (Ultimate Spider-Man) as the voice of “Alan” a cheerfully supportive uber-dork who is always there with awful social advice for his best-bud, Dave, Ron Funches (Crash & Bernstein) as “Jerry”, a nerd with enough sense to know that you have to bury your nerdy passion for clipper ships and Monty Python under a veneer of basketball lingo and high-fives., and Kesha as “Tess” described as a progressive activist who lectures everyone about income inequality and environmental justice from her parent’s immense mansion and six-car-garage.

Read our interview with the Lehrer Bros. here.

Mondo Media has announced that Turbo Fantasty 2 is slated to drop sometime in August, but not before showcasing the series a bit at the upcoming RTX Animation festival. For those that don’t know, Turbo Fantasy is not the hero we want…rather the hero we need.

We’ll post more info as it develops.

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