Tribeca 2019 Recap: “Tuca and Bertie” Creator and Stars Speak on the New Netflix Series

In case you needed to get any more excited for this show.


Netflix has officially dropped the new adult animation Tuca and Bertie today.  The series is already gaining notoriety for being created by a woman, starring two famous women comedians, and being focused on women in the modern world.  Preparing for this original program, creator Lisa Hanawalt joined voice stars Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong in discussing the show at this years Tribeca Film Festival.

The panel that was recorded on Wednesday, May 1, was moderated by television critic Caroline Framke.  You can watch the full video on the Tribeca Facebook page, here.  It should be mentioned that the interview does not begin until the 14:05 mark of the video.

A major topic of conversation of the panel is the show’s representation of 30-something women.  Creator Lisa Hanawalt explains that this was an essential goal of the series conception.  Tuca and Bertie were both characters that Hanawalt had previously created in comics.  Bringing these realistic personalities to the screen together helped to hash out some of the feminine relationships and struggles that are common for women today.  She is also quick to recognize the women in adult animation that have come before her like Susie Lewis Lynn and Lynne Naylor.

One thing that is immediately evident from watching these women together on stage is the natural chemistry that pours from voice talents Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong.  The pair share stories of knowing one another as young comedians slowly earning their way to stardom.  However, what is clear is the balanced dynamic that the two women share.  Haddish’s brash confidence helps to bring out the fearless nature of the motherly Wong.  This relationship transfers to the screen as both comedians acknowledge their similarity to their onscreen characters.

Watching these stars, even in a short panel like this, is enough to get you excited to watch the new show.  Haddish and Wong carry humour with them wherever they go.  This video showcases just that, as the two shamelessly sell themselves for any endorsement deals they can get.  What started with their love for hot chips escalates to them blatantly asking for deals promoting vodka, then diamonds, and then a mortgage payment, because why not?  There is so much chemistry that is sure to make this series the next Netflix standout.

Tuca and Bertie was released on Netflix today, and you can start watching right now.  Look forward to our review as Bubbleblabber’s Kayla Gleeson is busy cramming all of the episodes to let us all know how great it is.


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