Top 10 Fictional Shows Within Adult Animated Shows

Meta cartoons: the famous cartoons within our favourite cartoons.

It has become a classic television trope to create a fictional show that is popular with the characters in our favourite fictional shows.  Usually used as a satire or commentary on our own television addictions- which is placed in front of us as we consume even more television.  It is all very meta, and we can’t help but eat it up.  Cartoons have been making fun of themselves using shows within the shows since the early days of cartoons.  Now, we will recap ten of the best meta cartoons in adult animation.


Itchy and Scratchy


Easily the most recognisable cartoon within a cartoon is the Simpsons kid’s favourite, Itchy and Scratchy.  The overly violent program aimed at children has been a staple for Simpsons writers to comment on brainless cartoon programming.  The satire of Tom and Jerry is an animation within the variety show, The Krusty the Clown Show.  An ongoing program within the Simpsons which also got its start on a variety show.  How meta is that?

Jesse Bereta

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