Top 10 Cartoon Foods We Want to Try

Why do fictional foods always look so good?

Food makes the world go round, and everyone needs to eat.  That is true even for our favourite cartoon characters.  Food is so heavily ingrained in the culture that television shows often need to create the preferred diets of characters into their stories.  Whether it is the Simpsons eating at Krusty Burger, or Cartman wolfing down a bag of Cheesy Poofs, animation can make food look delicious- and, remind us how bad our favourite meals are for us.

In this list, we will cover ten of the most tantalizing, most crave-worthy foods we have seen in adult animation.  What fictional food would you want to try the most?

Bronto Ribs (Flinstones)


These over-sized ribs are a cannot miss.  Featured in the closing credits to The Flinstones, as Fred and family head to Bronto Burger for something to eat.  The waitress serves them a rack of ribs more massive than a person- so, large it would tip their car.  Every time we watched we would be reminded of two things: larger than life food is funny, and dinosaurs probably tasted delicious.

Jesse Bereta

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