This Week In Viral: The Simpsons Featuring More Steamed Hams And A New Milhouse Mix

Something OTHER than controversy.

Steamed hams is still going nuts as below we’ve spotted a new video as produced by different animators. This the same day Josh Weinstein revealed an extra part of the script that was thrown out on the cutting room floor.

“Steamed Hams” comes from a scene in the Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield, which first aired over twenty years ago.  In the anthology episode that features 22 short scenes about Springfield’s citizens, Principal Skinner has Superintendent Chalmers over for lunch ala “dinner with the boss”. The luncheon does not go according to plan, as Skinner burns the ham he was preparing, leading him to kind of bullshit the occasion. After Skinner burns the ham, he tells Chalmers that he’s making “steamed clams” for lunch as smoke fills the house. Skinner attempts to convince Chalmers that what he had prepared “steamed hams” for lunch,  his Albany-slang nickname for hamburgers.



In other viral videos inspired by The Simpsons, check out this montage of Milhouse songs.

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