This Graphic Shows an Imaginary Festival Line-up of Real ‘Simpsons’-inspired Bands

Simpsons Music Festival

When I first saw the graphic of Simpsons-inspired band names compiled into a fake festival line-up, I thought, “Wow, this author really thought of some good names for groups.” It wasn’t until later in the article that I found out the monikers were, in fact, actual bands.

Take a look at the list, and then click here to see a description & the Simpsons reference for each one.

As author Steve Bell pointed out, there’s at least one notable exception, Fall Out Boy, who got off on a technicality. Which kind of begs the question: how many of these bands’ fans know the real origin of the names?

And this is to say nothing about song titles and lyrics. I’ve pointed out to clueless Movielife fans that the line, “Is it just guts and black stuff?” in “Walking On Glass” is an obvious reference to the season 8 episode “Lisa’s Date with Density.” But I digress.

Check out the full article associated with this graphic, as it’s some grade-A journalism. Props on the city names and use of “Smarch” too.


Gonzo Green

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