“The Simpsons” Predicted Russia’s Odd COVID-19 Vaccination Reward System

One of the chief issues of getting the word about COVID-19 vaccinations is that you’re going to have part of the world who believes in the anti-vaccination conspiracies that have propogated on social media platforms. The irony is one of the countries of whom were the originators of dispelling these myths, Russia, is having to coerce their people into taking the vaccine with a yummy treat…ice cream. Polls have shown that under 40% believe that any vaccine from the Russian government is going to be legit.A Russian-local vaccination center has been giving anyone who gets vaccinated for COVID-19 a free ice cream dessert, which should jog the memory for fans of The Simpsons.

You may recall an episode entitled “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes” written by John Swartzwelder which was more of a send up on The Prisoner which sees Homer head to an island where he’s being coerced into getting needles with ice cream. That scene has lead fans to believe that maybe the longest running animated comedy on primetime has made yet another prediction, this time for Russia as opposed to the United States which seems to get one a week.

There’s no telling what predictions The Simpsons have made that will come up next. But, we do know a new episode of The Simpsons premieres this Sunday on FOX @ 8 pm ET/PT, check your local listings. Also, check out this fan-made re-creation of the opening intro using only stock footage.

John Schwarz

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