“The Simpsons” May Have Predicted the Latest “Game of Thrones” Episode

Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones… if The Simpsons didn’t already ruin it.

The theory that The Simpsons writers happen to be time travelers might have gained some more legitimacy last night.  The long-running animated sitcom, which just wrapped up its 30th season last night, has earned a reputation of predicting the future.  Everything from Donald Trump becoming president to Greece’s bankruptcy has appeared on The Simpsons long before becoming a reality.  However, this time the time traveler scribes seemed to have traveled to the future to watch the concluding episodes of Game of Thrones long before the rest of us.

Game of Thrones is reaching the conclusion of its ground-breaking series, with last night premiering the penultimate show.  In it, Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, reaches her fate of becoming the Mad Queen.  In a fit of rage and revenge for her friends, the queen releases her dragons to burn down the entirety of King’s Landing, the centre of Westeros politics.  Fans have been reacting in shock to the turnaround of the fan favourite character.  However, those with a keen eye watching The Simpsons should have seen it coming.

In the 2017 premiere episode of season 29, The Simpsons opened in a medieval fantasy world much in the same vein as Game of Thrones.  The episode “The Serfsons” played with many of the same themes from Westeros including dragons, magic, and white walkers.  The conclusion of this plot is eerily similar to that of its inspiration, with the city of Springfielda being burnt to the ground through dragon fire.  The images are even surprisingly similar.  Which just adds more evidence that Simpsons creators already knew how Game of Thrones was going to end.  Heck, Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin didn’t even know how to wrap up the story yet.

So maybe this is just a case of creative minds leading to the same inevitable conclusion.  And, it’s not like King’s Landing has not been at risk of destruction before.  Maybe Thrones fans should have seen this one coming.  Or, perhaps it is time that we accept The Simpsons as a modern day profit, and worship the shows precognitive abilities.  What do you think?  Are The Simpsons predictions getting out of hand?  Is this just a coincidence bound to happen?  Or, did Game of Thrones writers steal the idea from everyone’s favourite animated sitcom?

Jesse Bereta

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